Manage your diabetes

Live a better Life…


Would you like to be in the driving seat when managing your life with diabetes?


Cut through the medical jargon and understand exactly what you need to do, and have the skills to do it?



Experience how good it feels to live a life you’re proud of


Cut through the medical jargon and understand exactly what you need to do.


Have the confidence and ‘Know-how’ to deal with your health related issues as they arise.



If you know you want to change, but you don’t know how…


The first step is to establish what’s going on. You’ve tried numerous times before to take control, but for many different reason’s you haven’t succeeded.



Get healthy in 2015

Hi, I’m Úna O’Connell certified health and wellness coach. I work with men and women who want to make changes (big or small) – to live a healthier life. We can work together to create a happier, healthier YOU in a way that is flexible, fun and rewarding.

I’ll support you to get and maintain your new healthy lifestyle, or your very ‘own operation transformation’

How I can support you.

Are you :

  • Or someone you love struggling with a health challenge
  • Successful in life / career, but your health is a shambles as a result?
  • Having trouble getting to grips with your health, despite your best efforts?
  • Diagnosed with an illness or condition that you would like to be able to manage more effectively yourself?
  • Feeling “stressed out” due to circumstances in your life right now?

If like many you’ve tried in the past, and failed to get HEALTHY you might benefit from an increasingly popular new resource…………..    A Health Coach. Unlike, say, a workout buddy, or a nutritionist, a health coach is trained to:

  • Establish what health priorities YOU want to work on,
  • Come up with a plan together, and break down your goals into manageable steps,
  • Identify and overcome personal roadblocks, on your way to success
  • Track your progress,
  • Give you the support, guidance and information needed to successfully address your health challenges.

If this sounds like what you need or want to get your health back on track, contact me today for your  “Get healthy” strategy session, I’ll help you to identify clearly what you want the ‘Healthy U’ to look and feel like.

We’ll identify the challenges in your life that are preventing you from achieving your health goal.

You’ll leave the session with a clearer picture of what needs to happen to set you on the right road to better health.